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Marvel Dex 3 Clear – 1Quart


Made In USA

MARVEL Clear Blend DEX-III Automatic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic, long-lasting, general purpose automatic transmission oil formulated with advanced additive system and stable viscosity index improvers to reduce wear, protect against corrosion. Enchanced friction durability extends transmission life and promotes smooth shifting. It meets or exceeds the requirements of Ford Mercon and General Motors for Dexron III, Mercon specification and is suitable for older passanger cars, light trucks and commercial automatic transmissions, for use in applications like power steering systems, hydraulics and some manual transmissions where automatic transmission fluid is specified.

Key Features and Benefits:

– Helps in smooth and fuel efficient gear shifting and torque transfer

– Outstanding oxidation, wear protection and thermal stability

– Excellent low-temperature pumpability and circulation

– Good compatibility with various seal materials


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